meMy name is Anita Albaghli. With over 15 years experience with Avon's products and with helping others with business start-up, I can honestly say I LOVE Avon's products and working with our award winning team! I love Avon because, quite frankly, I worked for several companies before and do not recall ever being acknowledged for my achievements - some days I was lucky if anyone even said hello when I walked in the door.  With my very own Avon business I have the ability to choose my goals, achieve my dreams, and I know at the end of my journey my achievement will not only bring personal satisfaction but that it will also be rewarded by Avon.

I love the Avon products and they just keep improving and getting better and better.  I love the Anew Clinical Products.  And, of course I do much of my gift shopping from the Avon gift line.  What don't I love about Avon?  Only that there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that Avon has to offer.

Want to start your own Avon business with the backing of an experienced mentor?  I have 14 years experience in business start up and an award winning team with a proven track record and can help you find success with Avon, too!  Thanks to all the terrific people I've met, I have achieved the title of Sr. Executive Unit Leader, Avon's highest Leadership level.  In fact, I have over 800 Representatives in my downline.

I love working with my growing team and showing them how to be successful.  I reward my team frequently with my own personal incentives and we hold our own team meetings where I encourage interaction with their teammates. I am proud to say I am also a member of Avon's Rose Circle. I hope you will visit my site often and someday become a part of our Avon's Team Freedom.


Avon represents to me a chance to be free of relying on others for employment and more...freedom from financial burden....freedom for stay at home moms to not only be home with their children, but to still provide for them, to show them the beauty of being an entrepreneur, and the freedom to hold their heads high as a contributor to the family income. Freedom to our Seniors, that give up on life too early, because they become disconnected and have lost their purpose but, through Avon can find new purpose and new friends.  Lastly, a freedom to break out of a shell that many women live in, and to be the persons they were intended to be and to pay forward as we help others become the people they were meant to be...a freedom to have our own unique spirits and to lift our heads up proud.