Do you have a favorite charity?  Did you know that I have started a Year of Charity?  Each month I will choose a book and be contributing to my Customer's Favorite Charities a percentage of my sales.  If registered your charity could earn 15% of my sales just by supplying their name and information!  If your charity would like to earn 30% -- then I would need them to share my book or website with their members just for that time.  The more orders they got the more they would earn!  Call 614-837-6883 for more information!


Would you like to earn a 20% discount on Avon products all the time?  Be my Avon Helper!  When you consistently bring me 2 or more orders from your family, friends or co-workers....then I will give you a 20% Discount on your Personal Avon order!  Also you will get to select one item at up to 40% off for every customer order you bring me!  The more you sell the more you save!!
Represetatives Needed!!

$15 Starts Your Own Avon Business -- with a 20% - 50% Commission* on your orders of $50 or more! Discounts throughout the holiday season on all Avon Products including most jewelry!

* Items marked by a star in the brochures are at 20% -- i.e. clothes, holiday decor, wristwatches, etc.
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