On The Move & Testimonies



  • Selling Avon has created another income stream for us.  Avon income has paid for new living room furniture and carpet, refreshing our bathroom and dining room, a new dining room floor as well as several trips and vacations including a 25 day trip to Hawaii!  By using our Avon earnings, our savings account has also grown.
    Avon Tip:  Deciding how you want to use your Avon earnings will provide incentives to work and grow your business.

    Bill and Linda Wright
    David H. McConnell Club Members
  • Selling AVON has helped me to meet so many wonderful people; both customers and Avon team members. Many of these going beyond and becoming good friends. Along with these new friendships I have built my business and added to our families household income and in addition been able to contribute to organizations such as Children's Hospital and Licking County Women's facility. My tip, just give it a good hard honest try, Avon sells itself.
          Bonnie Rickerson
          Honor Society Member


  • C.O.R.E...When I think of my Avon experience that work C.O.R.E. comes to mind. Avon has allowed me to Create Opportunities that have produced Results both personally and professionally. Avon continues to give me Experiences that I will never forget. Thank you Avon for always being my C.O.R.E. (Creating, Opportunities, Results, Experiences). Tip: Finding a resilience partner is KEY to ongoing success. A resilience partner is one that will help you turn your oppositions into opportunities. Ultimately leading to sustainability. 
         Jim & Maritza Anthony 
         Team C.O.R.E & Gold Leaders
  •  Being part of Avon's Leadership Program has helped me be able to stay home with my kids more than other moms I know. It has also helped me learn how to run a business. My tip would be to always make a plan to follow up.      
          Heidi Rouse
          Butterflies of Success & Gold Leader